ATM Locations

You can use your Pacific Cascade Debit and/or ATM cards at any of our branches, or access your checking or savings accounts at ATMs. Use one of Co-op’s nearly 30,000 ATMs located throughout the country, surcharge free!

Find an ATM

Find out where your nearest no-surcharge ATM is, using the Credit Union ATM Locator.

PCFCU Debit Card

Apply for your Debit Card

The Pacific Cascade Debit Card will allow you to access your checking and/or savings accounts at ATMs, just like an ATM card. You can also access your checking account at Point of Sale Terminals (POS) available in most grocery stores, department stores and gas stations, or wherever Visa is accepted.

When using your debit card with your PIN, you can most often get cash back and avoid the need to visit an ATM.

To apply for an ATM card, contact us.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

During business hours call:  541-343-6238 or (800) 477-3328

After business hours call: (800) 682-6075

Or, report a lost or stolen card here.