Vacation Skip-A-Payment

The ever loved vacation skip is  B A C K . . .  members can skip a loan payment on each loan with us, in June, July or August.   (Except Visa, Mortgage, or Fresh Start loans).  No skipping the first month payment on a new loan. Otherwise, see below  . . .  click on… Continue Reading >>

Equifax Cybersecurity Incident

Equifax CEO and Chairman, Rick Smith, reports in this video facts surrounding the Equifax Cyber Breach. On September 7, 2017, Equifax Inc., announced a cybersecurity incident potentially impacting 143 million U.S. consumers. Criminals exploited a U.S. website application vulnerability to gain access to certain files. Based on the company’s investigation, the unauthorized access occurred from… Continue Reading >>

Avoid Hurricane Harvey Scams

The bad guys seem never to rest. They are, in deed, at it again. This time using the Texas hurricane (Harvey) to separate you from your money. There are several good, legitimate charitable options available to help with this disaster.  But there are many fraudulent options as well. To help ensure you make a truly… Continue Reading >>


Teller II Representative position We have a full-time Teller II position we are looking to fill. This position provides members with friendly, accurate, and timely assistance with their financial transactions (involving paying and receiving of cash and other negotiable instruments).  If you, or someone you know, is interested, you’ll find details about the job (and… Continue Reading >>

Dog DAZE of Summer

  Remember to bring your four-legged friends in. Don’t leave them in the car when you visit any PCFCU branch.  We have doggie treats that are guaranteed to get a woof of approval from even your most finicky pup — and water bowls to help hydrate the furry wonders. Here’s a picture of Oreo discovering the… Continue Reading >>

New Phishing Scheme! Trickbot

Beware — there’s a new phishing scheme that’s running wild out there. It’s called trickbot.  It comes disguised as a bill from a financial institution, and the perpetrators are getting pretty clever about having it look right – the right graphics, right colors, etc. It’s going to be hard to know it’s not real. It… Continue Reading >>

Celebrate Disneyland’s Birthday with a Special Ticket Price Offer from Get Away Today!

In honor of Disneyland’s birthday, July 17, 2017, you can save $17 off the gate price on all 3-day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper tickets ~ only through Get Away Today! Tickets are valid for travel now through December 31, 2017 and must be purchased by Monday, July 17, 2017. This ticket offer is valid for… Continue Reading >>

It’s Always A GOOD Time to Plan a Disney Get Away

A few tips on planning your trip to Disney . . .               BOOK NOW!

Be on the Alert for Fraudulent Text Messages Claiming to be From the N.C.U.A.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA our governing body) has received consumer calls about suspicious text messages claiming to come from their agency (NCUA). The messages read: “National Credit Union Administration Alert for (recipient’s phone number). Contact 844-234-5445.” Other fraudulent phone numbers to be alert for are 855-340-1398 and 844-906-0773. These texts are not communications… Continue Reading >>

NEW Phone Numbers For Debit, Credit and ATM Card Lost/Stolen and Activation

Beginning Monday, August 8, 2016, we have NEW phone numbers for members to call with credit, debit and ATM card questions, problems or concerns.  Of course you may call us directly during office hours 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday at: 541-343-6238 or toll free: 800-477-3328 or choose from our list below: For Lost or… Continue Reading >>

EMV (Chip) Debit and Credit Cards

First, the PCFCU Credit card, soon (next month) our Debit cards will be EMV Chip read cards.  Many more merchants have added chip card readers to their checkout.  You can still find many that do not have the chip readers and that’s okay. Simply use your card in swipe mode if there is no chip… Continue Reading >>