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Loan Rates
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PCFCU debit and credit cards are all Chipped cards now. If your current card has no EMV smart chip on it and is not close to its expiration date, give us a call and ask for a new CHIP card.  541-343-6238 or toll free: 800-477-3328.  Or keep your non-chipped card until it expires. That is your choice. Chip cards require a PIN. If you already have a PIN that will continue to be your PIN. If you don’t have a PIN already, you’ll be instructed to select one at time of card activation.  The sticker on the face of the card has the number to call, you’ll receive activation instruction during the call, follow the instruction. If you have trouble or questions, give us a call.

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Credit Union in Eugene-Springfield, Oregon

Pacific Cascade Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union serving people who live, work, worship or go to school in Lane County, Oregon, and their families. PCFCU has three locations in Eugene-Springfield and over 30,000 Co-Op ATMs throughout the country. Our member services include phone banking and wire transfers, and our online services include online banking and bill pay. Our financial products include checking accounts and savings accounts, auto loans, mortgage loans, home equity and life insurance. See our great rates and try our financial calculators. Contact us to become a member at PCFCU.